My biggest support is my husband, Michael. He keeps me motivated and encouraged daily. I’m a loving mother to our son who was the catalyst for the creation of Newly Scripted.

Because of the limited amount of time that I have in the studio during the day, I make the most of my time by multi-tasking, moving quickly, and keeping organized with which tasks need to be completed for the day. Our Lord gives me strength to accomplish daily goals (along with many strong cups of coffee!).

My routine varies from day to day, but two to four days per week, when I have consecutive hours in the studio, I start by reviewing my order sheet and getting to work painting immediately. I work in an assembly line fashion when creating globes for our clients. The first studio day during the week is spent laying down the base coats of the continents and oceans of the globes that are due at the end of the week.

I spend most of the second studio day doing custom hand-lettered calligraphy on each globe along with adding floral design, illustrations, etc. The third day in the studio, I do touch-ups and spray the finishes on the globe stands for the orders up for the week. I’ll take photos of each globe for client approval that day and spend the nights; after our son goes to bed; painting final touches and creating calligraphy signage and notes to each client.

My go-to podcasts to listen to while working are Mavenly + Co., The Minimalists, the Tim Ferriss Show. Listing helps me stay focused since I do a lot of methodical work and hand-lettering.