Handmade in Birmingham, Alabama

The Original Custom Globe Maker

Amber Rosenberg has owned and operated Newly Scripted since 2014 serving clients with hand-lettered calligraphy and customized hand painted world globes. Born from her love of hand lettering and fonts, her main focus is to create personalized calligraphy and home decor to celebrate life's special moments. Amber works from her studio in Birmingham, Alabama painting customized world globes for wedding guestbooks, showers, card/money boxes, nurseries, and home decor. In addition to hand-painted globes, we offer hand-lettered calligraphy and signage for weddings, showers, events, and more.

Newly Scripted began as an outlet for creativity but grew to be much more. Three years ago our son was born and I painted a globe for his nursery. Because of the support and encouragement of my husband, I listed the globe on Etsy. It sold quickly, and seeing the need in the market for personalized decorative hand painted globes my husband and I started our business. One way Newly Scripted is unique is our focus on complete customization - we welcome all design ideas from our clients. From brides to business owners we desire to create something entirely one of a kind.

“Psychologists call the act of copying one another’s movements mirroring. Start a conversation with Amber Rosenberg and you will quickly find yourself shifting to the front of your seat, unconsciously emulating the positive energy and excitement she exudes. Her enthusiasm for the work she does- creating custom, hand-lettered art and globes – is so obvious that you can’t help but want to know more about her craft.”

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